Protest Resources

Risks of Protesting

  • FIRST, it is important to understand the many risks of protesting (these vary depending on where and when you are protesting).

  • Many protests can turn violent rapidly especially in the later hours.

  • Additionally, police have been using unnecessary force such as driving vehicles into crowds of protestors.

  • Understand that your face may be posted by other's on social media

  • Be aware of undercover cops wearing colored bands,hearing devices, and some may have the outline of handcuffs in their pockets.

  • Also, there have been reports that ICE has been raiding certain protests. If you are undocumented take extra precautions to stay safe.

  • You also run the risk of being shot with rubber bullets, being tear-gassed, maced, watched, beaten, arrested, etc.

  • Do not protest without being aware and comfortable with these potential risks. There are many other ways to help.

Before Attending A Protest (Tips)

  • Research what protests you are attending and ensure they are safe. More info here and here

  • Visit this site which has protest maps across the world

  • Make signs with powerful messages and slogans. Ensure they are big, bold, and easily readable.

  • You may want to bring a small backpack to hold your belongings. Ensure your bag is small, lightweight, and durable.

  • Wear a mask as social distancing guidelines can be difficult to follow while protesting and to protect your privacy.

  • Wear an eye covering in case you are tear-gassed.

  • DO NOT wear contact lenses. If you are tear gassed and wearing contacts there can be permanent damage to your eyes.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers since some protests include marching.

  • Wear a hat to block the sun and prevent yourself from being watched by police.

  • Bring water/snacks as some protests can last for hours under intense heat and proper hydration is very important.

  • Decide whether you feel comfortable taking your phone. If you decide to take your phone it is EXTREMELY important to safeguard your phone. Here are some really good tips to consider.

  • Bring some first aid supplies in case you or someone else is hurt

  • Be aware that you may be away from home longer than expected. Plan accordingly with scheduled medications (inhalers, other medications. etc.)

  • Be aware of potential curfews in your respective cities/towns.

While Protesting (Tips)

  • Be aware of undercover cops wearing colored bands,hearing devices, and some may have the outline of handcuffs in their pockets.

  • Pay attention to the time if your city or town has a curfew.

  • DO NOT share/post pictures with pictures of other protestors faces and identifiable features as police will hunt and charge them. More info here

  • Keep protesting peaceful

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Don't stay quiet and fight for change.